Business Expansion, Samindo Resources Targets Renewable Energy

JAKARTA, - PT Samindo Resources Tbk to expand business to renewable energy projects. Samindo targeted a 100 megawatt solar power plant (PLTS) project tendered by PT PLN (Persero).

Samindo Resources President Director Kim Jung Gyun said that the company is entering the renewable energy generation sector in line with Samindo's business diversification strategy.

"We want to diversify our business so far the revenue is still dominated by the business contract of the sister company," Kim said in a written statement on Friday (28/07/2017).

The opportunity to utilize renewable energy in Indonesia is believed to be very good. Moreover, the Indonesian government is committed to developing renewable energy. Therefore, this sector has great potential to work on.

"Our energy business in Indonesia is still in its early stages, we are continuing to prepare it from now on," Kim said.

This year, Samindo Resources has re-filed three PLTS projects in Sumatra. Tender three projects with packages 2, 3 and 5. Package 2's 35 MW in North Sumatra, package 3 of 33 MW in Riau and Bangka Belitung and package 5 South Sumatra and Jambi at 28 MW.

"For the development of PLTS, the need for funds to build a PLTS of 1 million US dollars (US) million per MW," lid Kim.

Not only PLTS, Samindo Resources also plans to take part in the tender of gas power plants (PLTG).