PT Samindo Resources Tbk has four primary service which is the main activity in the coal mining industry.

As an integrated coal mining service company, PT Samindo Resources Tbk renders the service that can provide solutions in every stage of coal mining operations.

In the pre-production stages, PT Samindo Resources Tbk provides exploration drilling, which the main purpose of this activity is to obtain data related to the location of mining activity that will be performed. The next stage in the coal mining activity is the production process. There are two main activities undertaken in the activities of production, namely, the overburden removal and coal getting. Both of these main activities are performed by PT Samindo Resources Tbk. The last stage in the coal mining activity is the coal hauling activity from coal stock pile to the coal port. For transporting the coal, PT Samindo Resources Tbk provides hauling service using truck trailers with double vessel capacity that can contain up to 120 tons.