Exploration Drilling

The objective of coal exploration is to inventorying and to contain the coal data precipitation in the area of study for the coal outcrop locations and report the prospective area findings in the field. If the data obtained is strongly promising, it is expected that the studied area can be developed to a further level by preparing a feasibility study program.

Drilling activity is carried out at the coal company's area to obtain a more detailed and accurate data for reserves calculation. In addition, such data can also be used to gain information in regards to the coal quality and geological-technical data. As for the application of hydrogeological drilling is conducted to obtain the depth of water table and its quality.

PT Mintec Abadi carries out two drilling methods, i.e. open hole (boring) and coring:

  1. Open Hole

    Open hole is a drilling technique in which a hole is made on a certain area, as planned, up to a prescribed depth. Samples are obtained from the cuttings from each drill tip per run, or per boring pipe (and thus the samples are called cuttings). During the boring process, cuttings will be brought to the surface diluted in water and mud (as coal drilling normally uses water as the media for drilling mud).

  2. Coring

    Coring is a drilling technique that begins from the top to a prescribed depth, in which the sample is obtained without opening a hole (as in the open hole technique). This technique is preferred to obtain a more detailed stratigraphic data from the area that is bored.