Responsibility to Community

PT Samindo Resources Tbk is not only responsible for creating a sustainable natural environment, but also to create a sustainable community. To create a sustainable community, PT Samindo Resources Tbk always put its effort to the best to maximize local potentials. PT Samindo Resources Tbk also seeks to encourage the creation of superior human resources. There are four aspects that are the focus in fulfillment the responsibility to community by PT Samindo Resources Tbk, namely:

  1. Religious
    PT Samindo Resources Tbk encourage relations with religious communities in the surrounding environment by facilitating religious activities. PT Samindo Resources Tbk also participate in the celebration of religious activities and infrastructure development of worship.
  2. Education
    In the education sector PT Samindo Resources Tbk regularly provides educational assistance in the form of scholarships for students who excel. PT Samindo Resources Tbk also play an active role in the development of supporting infrastructure and providing training.
  3. Social
    Community responsibility program by PT Samindo Resources Tbk is largely in response to community activities are routinely carried out by local communities such as the celebration of national holidays, sports tournaments or counseling activities.
  4. Infrastructure
    PT Samindo Resources Tbk also played an active role in solving land clearing problems with the local community and the development of local community infrastructure.