Employee Development

PT Samindo Resources Tbk has high commitment when it comes to manpower issue including health and safety work. As a vital asset, employee is the first customer that is mandatory to receive best service to fulfill his rights, so as to be able to contribute optimally and safeguard PT Samindo Resources Tbk existence. Thus, PT Samindo Resources Tbk provide high attention and commitment to increase the employee’s professionalism as well as good compensation & benefit. There are two type of PT Samindo Resources Tbk responsibility towards its employees, i.e. development of PT Samindo Resources Tbk human resources and safety of PT Samindo Resources Tbk human resources.

PT Samindo Resources Tbk’s Obligation towards the Employees
As one form of its responsibility towards the employees, PT Samindo Resources Tbk are also required to fulfill the employees basic rights such as adequate remuneration, fulfilling the employees’ rights, and enforce gender equality.

  1. Remuneration
    PT Samindo Resources Tbk adjusts its employee remuneration scheme with the prevailing economic indicators, comparable with the industry and commensurate to the employee’s work results. The optimization of human resources management is carried out by PT Samindo Resources Tbk by enforcing the policy of compliance with the laws and regulations, and ensuring that its employees are subject to fair labor practices and decent work.
  2. Human Rights
    PT Samindo Resources Tbk facilitates its employees’ rights with the formulation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The CBA is intended to administer employees’ rights and obligations. In its process, the formulation of CBA involves representatives of PT Samindo Resources Tbk’s employees, that are assigned by the labor union to discuss the terms in the CBA together with the management of the Company.
  3. Gender Equality
    PT Samindo Resources Tbk upholds gender equality in all of its employment practices. PT Samindo Resources Tbk provides equal opportunity to all of its employees. One of the implications of gender equality is the presence of female engineers, proving that the Company focuses more on employee competence instead of their gender.

Competence Enhancement
PT Samindo Resources Tbk regularly enhances its workforce competence so that they may contribute most optimally to PT Samindo Resources Tbk. Various programs have been conducted by PT Samindo Resources Tbk to increase its employee competence, among others through training by inviting experts as well as through knowledge sharing sessions among employees themselves.
PT Samindo Resources Tbk developed two methods to improve the employee’s competence with certification and training. The training itself is divided into soft skills and hard skills training:

  1. Certification
    The certification aims to provide basic standards for certain skills in order to comply with international standards.
  2. Training
    1. Soft Skill
      Soft skill training is implemented in order to improve managerial skills and general in nature that must be followed by every function within PT Samindo Resources Tbk. This training includes training for improving general and technical soft competence.
    2. Hard Skill
      Hard skill is a training conducted with the aim of increasing the employee’s technical capabilities.