PT Mintec Abadi is a mining service company established in 2006. It mainly performs geological mapping, drilling exploration work, calculates coal deposits with feasibility study, and does mining development management and consulting.

At present, it participates in developing potential mining area, performs engineering design and construction supervision work following the mining development. In the future, PT Mintec Abadi will accumulate technology supported with the public trust as a technical corporation and make a progress as a General Mining Development Technical Company.

PT Mintec Abadi operates in business management consultancy service, general mining supporting services, and export-import activities. To perform its business line, PT Mintec Abadi may also perform in, business consultancy service, general mining contractor service, and trading.

Address: Desa Batu Kajang, Kecamatan Batu Sopang, Kabupaten Paser, Kalimantan Timur 

Phone : (62 543) – 22522,

Facsimile : (62 543) – 23641

Website :

In carrying out is activities PT Mintec Abadi is equipped with various main and supporting facilities:

Heavy Equipment

Drilling Rig


Supporting Facilities

Rock Laboratory

Rock Samples Storage Facilities