Responsibility to Environment

It is undeniable that mining activities surely will bring impact to the surrounding environment. Therefore, in every activity it is constantly aim to reduce risk that is harmful to the living environment as well as to restore from the negative impact of the PT Samindo Resources Tbk operational activities. Following are the routine activities done by PT Samindo Resources Tbk as part of the responsibility to the environment.

Construction of a Park in Office Area
The main purpose of constructing a park in the office area is to create a green work space. In addition to creating a green space, the park is also intended to reduce air pollution from the mining areas.

Regular Cleaning of Oil Traps
One of the types of waste resulting from mining activities is used oil. Often times, there are drops of oil from heavy machinery belonging to PT Samindo Resources Tbk. For that purpose PT Samindo Resources Tbk has provided oil traps to capture and concentrate the oil drops. These oil traps are regularly cleaned so that there is no buildup of oil.

Drinking Water Monitoring
Water plays a very vital role in various activities, both operational and non-operational. Poor water quality will result in the occurrence of diseases, and thus to prevent these diseases due to poor water quality PT Samindo Resources Tbk conducts regular monitoring of drinking water. The purpose is to maintain employees’ health and prevent the occurrence of diseases caused by bacteria.