Corporate Info

PT Samindo Resources Tbk is a respected investment holding company in Indonesia with its business in coal mining services. Supported with reliable fleet as well as qualified human resources had forged PT Samindo Resources Tbk as a reliable partner in the coal mining service business. As an investment holding company, all of PT Samindo Resources Tbk activities are carried out by the four subsidiaries, i.e. PT. SIMS Jaya Kaltim, PT Samindo Utama Kaltim, PT Trasindo Murni Perkasa and PT Mintec Abadi. Through those four subsidiaries, PT Samindo Resources Tbk offers four main services in the coal mining activities, i.e. overburden removal, coal getting, coal hauling and exploration drilling services. The wide variety of services being offered had forged PT Samindo Resources Tbk as one of the integrated coal mining services in Indonesia.