Overburden Removal

In the coal mining there are many processes that need to be done. One of the stage in coal mining that should not be left behind is the environment aspect, so that after the mining is completed, the environment can be restored to a good state. The series of this process should be included in the local regulations in order to avoid severe damage due to coal mining activities.

Overburden removal activity consists of several stages, namely:

  1. Land Clearing

    This is an additional activity in the mining stage. This activity aims to support the smooth operation of mining. At this stage road will be built to access for transportation. This needs to a land compaction, of course. A common tool used is a bulldozer ripper and with the addition of chainsaw cutting machine for chopping trees with a diameter more than 30 cm. This takes time proportionately to the size of land to be mined.

  2. Overburden Removal

    Overburden removal is an activity that absolutely must be done on mining, especially in mining activities that use open-pit mining system. Overburden removal activity is determined by the target in the production plan; the better the design in the stripping of overburden will give the better production plan targets. To realize such condition it requires necessary methods and tools that support the stripping of overburden. When the overburden material is a soft material (soft rock), then the cover soil excavation will be done on liberty. However, if the material is a strong one, the first matter to do is discharging with demolition followed by the quarrying activity. Blasting that will be done needs to be designed to correspond to the desired production.