Encouraging performance, Samindo Resources (MYOH) began operating five new dump trucks

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Samindo Resources Tbk began operating five new dump trucks last month. Samindo Resources Investor Relations, Ahmad Zaki, said that all of the issuers coded MYOH shares bought ten dump trucks this year.

The ten dump trucks have a carrying capacity of 100 tons for the operation of coal overburden removal activities. For information, Samindo currently has 133 dump trucks and 18 excavators.

He said, an additional five dump trucks will come in the second quarter of 2019. "Five more units will come and start operations as possible in the second quarter, around April or May," he told Kontan.co.id, Monday (4/3).

This year they allocated capital expenditure of US $ 17.7 million, up 27.33% from last year's capital expenditure of US $ 13.98 million. From the capital expenditure, US $ 14.5 million will be spent on the purchase of the 10 dump trucks.

Meanwhile, a total of US $ 3.2 million from capital expenditure will be used to transport coal (hauling). In terms of operations, this year MYOH has set a target for stripping this overburden to 58 million bcm or greater than the target in 2018 of 54.5 million bcm.

Even though they have a production capacity for overburden removal reaching 65 million bcm per year, so they can still get workmanship of 7 million bcm again. While for coal production, they aim at coal production as well as last year's target of 10.7 million tons.

He revealed the weather factor was still an obstacle to their operational performance in the first quarter of this year. "Usually our production will increase in the second quarter," he added.

Well, in the condition of coal prices which are in a downward trend for low-calorie coal, they predict that it will affect mining companies in increasing their production targets, so that this can also have an impact on coal contractors.

In addition to coal price factors, Zaki said, mining companies that have not been able to meet the 25% DMO provisions will also maintain their production or not increase production, while mining service operations depend on the coal mining company itself.

Even so, they are optimistic that they can hold new customers, now they are approaching several clients.