MYOH Performance: Supported by Exchange Rate, Samindo’s Profit Soar 25%, JAKARTA – Coal service mining contractor, PT Samindo Resources Tbk (MYOH) recorded a jump in the net profit by 25% becoming US$12.19million from previous one of US$9,75 million due to supported by the exchange rate differences.

The released financial statement, Wednesday (24/8/2016) mentioned that the exchange rate difference from the financial statement translation reached US$2.04million in the first half 2016. However, a year before the Company suffered exchange rate loss US$2.63million.

Putting into detail, the Company’s revenue with ticker code MYOH is being corrected 11.02% becoming US$94.67milion in the first half from US$107,43million.

However, the Company managed to suppress the cost of revenue by 16.07% becoming US$75.31million from US$89.73million. Thus, the gross profit obtained by the Company increased by 9.4% becoming US$19.35million from US17.69million.

Income before tax pocketed by the Company also increased by 23.99% becoming US$16.52million from US$13.32 million. Profit for the year jumped 25.01% becoming US$12.22million from US$9.77million.

Until 30 June 2016, Samindo’s total asset reached US$150.53 million lower than last year of US$161.23million. Liabilities was suppressed becoming US$50,94 million, and equity increased by US$99.58million from US$93.34million.