Samindo Resources continues to seek mining acquisition for PLTU

Efforts to realize of PT Samindo Resources Tbk plan to expand its business in the field of coal fire power (PLTU) is not easy. One of the conditions that need to be done is to open the mine. In 2018, PT Samindo Resources continues to intensify its acquisition of mines.

President Director of PT Samindo Kim Jung Gyun said, to achieve the company's plan to acquire new mines its targeted complete in 2019,  it take time to complete. The reason, it’s require to conduct studies and find the right mine to be acquired.

Although targeted to be completed in 2019, Independent Director Samindo Resources Ahmad Saleh said, it’s still possible that the acquisition can be done this year. The efforts to realize the company plan had been running since 2016. However, continued Saleh, there are several criteria into consideration of the company.