Samindo Resources Distributed US $ 18 million of Dividend

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) of PT Samindo Resources Tbk held Friday (4/5) agreed to distribute dividends of US $ 18 million to the shareholders. When compared to the previous period, this dividend was increased by 6%.

In 2016, the company coded issuer MYOH is distributing dividends of US $ 17 million.

Investor Relations of PT Samindo Resources Tbk Zaki said that the dividend payout ratio is almost 150% of the total net income of the company in 2017, which amounted to US $ 12.09 million.

According to Zaki MYOH's consistency to distribute dividends is nothing but an appreciation of the company to its shareholders.

"The Company will strive to maintain this policy as long as the company posted a positive profit, as one of the main attraction of the company's shares in the capital market," said Zaki.

Based on the company's financial report, at the end of December 2017 MYOH booked cash and cash equivalents amounting to US $ 20.89 million. The unappropriated retained earnings amounted to US $ 56.81 million.