Samindo Resources (MYOH) Distributes Dividends of US $ 19 Million, JAKARTA - Issuer of coal mining service contractor PT Samindo Resources Tbk. distribute dividends of US $ 19 million for fiscal year 2018. The amount of dividends distributed increases by 5.3% compared to dividends in the previous financial year of US $ 18 million.

Determination of the amount of dividend was decided at the annual general meeting of shareholders of Samindo Resources on Thursday (04/25/2019).

President Director of Samindo Resources Kim Jung Gyun said, the dividends distributed amounted to US $ 19 million for the 2018 period or US $ 0.00862 per share. This dividend amount is equivalent to 61.45% of net income of US $ 30.92 million in 2018.

Meanwhile, the remaining net income as retained earnings and will be used for operations. This issuer with the MYOH stock code, seeks to keep the amount of dividends distributed always increasing every year.

"We keep this dividend distributed to shareholders and have a positive impact on stock prices. And the value is always increasing every year as in 2017 amounting to US $ 17 million, 2018 US $ 18 million, and 2019 US $ 19 million," he said in a public expose on Thursday (04/25/2019).

For the record, MYOH reported revenues of US $ 241.11 million million in 2018. The realization was up 28.2% from US $ 188.07 million in 2017.

From there, the company posted a profit of US $ 30.92 million in the year ago. This value grew 151.3% from US $ 12.30 million in 2017.