Samindo Resources (MYOH) Realizes 35.7 Million Bcm of Overburden Removal Volume, JAKARTA - Issuer of mining contractor PT Samindo Resources Tbk. has realized 61.44 percent target of overburden removal for a year.
Samindo Resources Investor Relations Manager Ahmad Zaki Natsir said that as of August 2019, the company's volume of overburden removal (OB) reached 35.7 million bank cubic meters (bcm). That amount is equivalent to 61.44 percent of the target for 2019, which is 58.1 million bcm.
"Our [OB] production is as of August 2019, in total 35.7 million bcm. Mining conditions since July 2019, tend to be conducive because of low rainfall, even none at all. We have not been affected by the haze so the operation is still running stable, "he explained in a limited discussion in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/24/2019).
Zaki said as long as the weather was still supportive, the company would continue to boost OB before the rainy season arrives. So far, he continued, there has been no revision of the stripping target volume.
"Every second semester, we will always boost production compared to the first semester, because mining conditions are starting to be conducive. Heavy equipment has arrived and we are adding to the shift schedule, Saturday - Sunday still operating, "said Zaki.

On the other hand, the company's coal production has reached 7.8 million tons as of August 2019. Thus, the MYOH-coded stock issuer has realized 72.89 percent of its production target in 2019, which is 10.7 million tons.

Last year, the company's coal production only reached 92.52 percent of the target of 10.7 million tons. Zaki is optimistic that this year's achievement will reach the target.
"We have conducted a contract review with sub-contractors, which is not good we have broken up. We believe the target can be achieved, "he said.