Samindo Resources's volume of overburden removal reached 20.4 million BCM as of May 2019

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Samindo Resources Tbk (MYOH) is aiming for overburden removal of 58.1 million bank cubic meters (BCM) in 2019.

Samindo Resources Investor Relations Ahmad Zaki said the total volume of overburden removal as of May 2019 had reached 20.2 million BCM, down 5% compared to the same period last year, 21.4 million BCM.

Even so, the realization of coal getting until May 2019 was recorded at 4.8 million tons or around 40% of the total target this year of 10.7 million tons of coal. "Coal production in May 2019 rose 30% from last year, 3.7 million tons," he said on Wednesday (6/26).

He explained that the realization of coal getting until May 2019 is greater than overburden removal because MYOH has done a lot of overburden removal activities in 2018.

Meanwhile, the decline in overburden removal performance until May this year was affected by high rainfall which disrupted operational performance. Therefore, Zaki said, in anticipation that MYOH will increase production capacity by buying 10 dump trucks.

In Kontan's record, in order to add heavy equipment MYOH allocated capital expenditure of US $ 17.7 million, up 27.33% from last year's capital expenditure of US $ 13.98 million. From the capital expenditure, US $ 14.6 million will be spent on the purchase of 10 dump trucks, and US $ 30 million will be used to support coal transportation activities.

For information, MYOH has a total of 133 dump trucks, 18 excavators, 33 dozer units and 108 hauling trucks.